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Shakir Hussain is an Employee turned entrepreneur. His passion for moving out of the average life to something extra ordinary made him passionate about learning and teaching.

He has been involved with training industry since last 9 years. It is a special feeling for people, and an innate belief that everyone can succeed, that has helped him become the architect of people’s success stories. He believes in his mission, it’s inherent goodness, and he believes in you.

"Shakir has been impacting lives with his personal connect with his students"

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In order to excel in a competitive world you need to play at world-class levels. Every human has the potential to perform at 100X.  Through his professional development training Shakir Hussain has helped many people unleash their true potential and helped them to reach to the top.

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Get inspired to lead a life beyond average. Explore your inner strength with books written by Shakir. Be part of  a global movement of human beings transforming lives to make this world a better place.

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