5 Winning Habits!

The difference between a successful person and a failure is the habits he cultivates. Success does not have 1 secret formulae. Its a combination of many things worked out simultaneously. Its more of a journey. The most important aspect is “Habits”

Habit No 1: Keep learning always

We need to input constructive, effective and productive data on a regular basis to fill the internal encyclopedia with knowledge that will ultimately lead to you great success. Since childhood, its filled with knowledge related to all the topics in the world like physics, chemistry, maths, general knowledge, accounts, economics and other irrelevant information except about money. So all our decisions are based on that junk information and thus we fail. So we need to replace it with better and correct information. So read any good book daily for at least 30 minutes in the morning.

Recommended Reading: 

  1. Power of positive thinking – Normal Vincent Peale
  2. Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill
  3. Magic of thinking big – David Schwartz
  4. Success is never ending & Failure is never final – Robert Schuller

Habit No 2: Be Proactive

We need to be proactive in all the action we take. Don’t let procrastination be a reason for missing out on opportunities. We have limited time in a day and try to make it best each day. Be active and do all the necessary action on a daily basis. This will lead you to become the master and that will help create greatness.

Habit No 3: Plan in advance 

Always plan in advance so that you are able to make your day productive, constructive and effective. The best use of the limited time we all have makes all the difference. Like any big project which requires certain man hours, every success story needs certain time. So make the best use to increase efficiency and reach your goals in time to be able to enjoy it. So plan tonight for tomorrow. Plan on Sunday for the coming week. 

Habit No 4: Set Goals with a deadline

Our brain is triggered by a target. So unless we have a defined goal with a timeline, its impossible to be successful. Like children who score just the passing marks of 33 know that is the target to fail so they achieve above it. Only 3% people in the world set goals, rest all work for their dreams.

Habit No 5: Always do what is important and not what is urgent

Most of the people are doing things which are urgent or of emergency situation and thus do not find time to work on important things that are key elements of becoming successful like mastering the art, developing network, improving self knowledge, acquiring specialised knowledge, etc. Most of the people have difficulty in doing meditation in the morning to increase the mental power or reading some good book daily, etc. Things like these are important in long run to be successful and rich. We might spend couple of hours daily in front of television but not on self development. So make a list of all the things that are important for the success and make sure you do that on a daily basis. 

Wishing Success,

Shakir Hussain

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