Is success luck or hard work?

Most of the people have different definition and understanding for “success”. Some define success with the growth in job profile, some define in terms of money and some define it based on lifestyle. Many feel that people who are successful are lucky. While the people who are successful say they were unlucky and had to work really hard.

Like when a person saw a beautiful painting by Michelangelo and said wow what an amazing painting. To which he replied “If you would have seen the labour I put into it, then it wouldn’t sound amazing to you.”

Everyone wants to be successful, but are they ready to put in the work? That is a hard question to answer. Most people work hard and so are not willing to accept that there is something missing.

Everyone is lucky as someday or the other we always get opportunities to make a difference to our lives. But if we don’t take any action, nothing is going to happen.

We are lucky to have brain and intelligence to see the opportunity. 

Everyone can achieve great success if he is willing to learn and take action. With time trends change. 

One thing to notice is that output of anything which is later called success comes out after some time, at least 2-3 years. Only after that we say he is lucky. But wasn’t their hard work, action and strategy in place in those 2-3 years?

Success is nothing but a journey where if we update our philosophy, follow a strategy and take regular actions related to that.

When I interact with people in my training I see that people just work hard at whatever way feel is right for a small time and repeat the same method on next venture and finally make up their mind that it’s their bad luck and they cannot be successful. 

My only advice is to stay motivated, learn as much about the art of working, make a strategy, commit a time period and take action on a daily basis without expecting any output. After sometime all of a sudden magic will happen and things will turn around at a fast pace.

Wishing prosperity

Shakir Hussain

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