10 Laws of Sustained Positivity

10 Laws of Sustained Positivity

  1. Positivity is not a talent but a practice. As we need to take bath daily to keep ourselves clean likewise we need a dose of positivity on a daily basis. Always stay positive. Being negative will not go any good so better to stay positive. Every situation, person or emotion has something positive. So always look for the positive part. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
  2. You are the average of 5 people you spend most of your time with. So choose your circle wisely. See who are you spending more time with. It cab be personally or on Facebook or Whatsapp. Spend time with people who have more intelligence than yourselves and who talk about ideas more than the current affairs. Spend time with people who talk about solutions than complaining about things.
  3. The aim is not to grow into someone other than who you are; the goal is to work through the layers of doubt and fear that you’ve accumulated over the period of time. Every human being has something great in them. Work on yourself. Love yourself.
  4. Focus on the dignity and honor of your work instead on the rewards of your work. When you work on delivering a WOW factor in your work, the rewards will be far greater than you imagine.
  5. Excellent health and fine fitness promote radiant optimism and an unbeatable state of being. Wealth is of no use if you do not have the health to enjoy the luxuries and lifestyle it brings.
  6. Gratitude is the antidote to apathy. And appreciation is a vaccination against fear. Be grateful for every small thing you have daily. Write a gratitude journal daily. Write 10 things you are grateful for every morning.
  7. Becoming a legendary learner upgrades your neuro-chemistry so you unlock greater positivity. Always go to sleep a little wiser. Instead of feeding your mind with junk that you see on the TV, feed it with knowledge, positivity, optimism, vision, mission and self belief.
  8. To be alone often and to train yourself to savor silence is a powerful way to grow more cheerful. Take some “ME” time on regular basis. You are your biggest asset. Work on yourself.
  9. Living a more minimalistic life, free of debt, too many trinkets and overwhelming obligations will reset your joy. Detach yourself from the junk. Just have what is important.
  10. You’ll only become as positive as your mentors. So choose yours well. Without a mentor the life it like a ship without a captain – lost. Mentor will guide you, push you and give you faith and confidence.

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Shakir Hussain

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