Power of Now!

Power of Now!

Most of the people think we have all the time in the world to do things and achieve results. However, they fail to realize that every action and step has a right time and if not done in that particular time will not result in satisfactory feeling. Like even if you become wealthy in your old age, it will be not be of much use as that age will not allow you to travel much, do activities.

Your likes/dislikes change & physical condition would not allow lot of exertion. So whatever needs to be done has to be done NOW. If you leave it on next day, it will become a habit and one is bound to miss all the actions required to take him towards his goals. Like it’s said – Tomorrow never comes.

We have thousands of things in our mind that we plan to do but never find the time and thus lack on our promises & dreams. Only things and actions done today are practical. Tomorrow does not exist. It’s only today.

If I have to make 5 calls a day to meet my sales target and I am short by 2 and feel would do it tomorrow, then we are behind our dreams as if we don’t have time to finish the work today then how will find that extra time to complete tomorrows work plus today’s pending. It might look like 2 calls would not matter much but if do not live and do things NOW then this habit can cause us to be short by 730 calls in a year and 7300 in 10 years which I am sure is huge loss.

So learn to do things NOW because whatever is done now is done. Live in the moment and take action today. We always pray in present time and do not leave it to future coz what we sow today will reap fruits tomorrow.

Now is the time to change your destiny. Now is the time to take action. Now is the time to realize your dreams. Now is the time to build your relations. Time waits for NO one. So do all the above things NOW. Understand the Power of Now.

1.   Set minimum 1 Goal NOW

2.   Take action specific to your goal NOW

3.   Make that important call NOW to your loved ones.

4.   Start reading that long pending book NOW

5.   Take your spouse for a ride NOW

6.   Buy that Journal NOW to make notes of all valuable information you hear or read.

7.   Finish your today’s work NOW at your JOB

8.   Start living your desired life NOW.

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