Power of Now!

Power of Now! Most of the people think we have all the time in the world to do things and achieve results. However, they fail to realize that every action and step has a right time and if not done in that particular time will not result in satisfactory feeling. Like even if you become …

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Is success luck or hard work?

Most of the people have different definition and understanding for “success”. Some define success with the growth in job profile, some define in terms of money and some define it based on lifestyle. Many feel that people who are successful are lucky. While the people who are successful say they were unlucky and had to …

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5 Winning Habits!

The difference between a successful person and a failure is the habits he cultivates. Success does not have 1 secret formulae. Its a combination of many things worked out simultaneously. Its more of a journey. The most important aspect is “Habits” Habit No 1: Keep learning always We need to input constructive, effective and productive data …

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